The Reset Journal

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You’ve heard about the benefits of journaling, but struggle to make it a daily habit. Having a blank page staring at you feels intimidating, and so many of the guided journals on the market feel too complicated or repetitive.

🗒 Enter: The Reset Journal

The Reset Journal is a daily journal that is designed to fit your life, not the other way around.

This undated journal has a two-page system for each day. The first page is your daily download, where you can write down what you’re grateful for, what you’re calling in, how you want to feel, and your top tasks for the day.

The second page has a guided prompt and plenty of space to free-write giving you enough support to help you form the habit of journaling without being too rigid or repetitive.

This guided journal can help promote feelings of calm, focus, and alignment empowering you to reach your goals and practice self-care in a simple, accessible way. With six months of daily planning pages and guided prompts, you’ll feel engaged and inspired to use your journal each day.

You'll Get Access to:

  • A 365-page PDF journal formatted for use on a tablet or computer.
  • Undated "daily download" pages to record your gratitude, affirmations, and daily to-do lists to promote calm and focus.
  • Six months of guided journal prompts to spark mindfulness and reflection.

Your Daily Reset will help you create a journaling habit that sticks, helping you become your best self.

✨ When focus and alignment meet, magic happens.✨

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Everything you need to build a daily self-care journaling habit.

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The Reset Journal

1 rating
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